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Corporate culture

Our goal is to become a reference point for excellence in the field of funding and development of modern industry in Bolivia, generating economic and social prosperity.


Business holding

“Excellence is the product of the combination of our inclusive policies, innovation, the latest technology and our processes and procedures”



“Success is the experience and the sum of all your failures”

Our history

Our project started in 2014, we created a group of industrial investments to unite private and public funds for the development of the Bolivian industry.

IXI CAPITAL INVERSIONES S.A. is a public limited company whose funds are contributed by IXI Capital Holding Luxemburg S.A. in order to finance and manage industrial projects through various ad hoc subsidiaries.

We currently have two operating subsidiaries IXI GOLD SRL, a company dedicated to gold mining, and IXI Technologies SRL, aiming at the development and application of microbiology to all types of mining, developing technologies for the decontamination of the environment damaged by industrial activity.

In view of our faculties, availability and financing in the short and medium term, we plan to diversify our industrial structure by creating subsidiaries that meet several needs and demands, allowing the optimal development of our industrial processes.

Our Companies

IXI Capital Team


Faithful, committed, responsible, simple, sensitive and courageous.


Jean Pierre Casas

Executive Director

Viviana Callau

Legal Direction

José Luis Rodriguez

Finance Director

Admin. And Fin. Management

Administrative Assistant


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